To provide Social Services through individual or group counseling that will enable them to cope with
their aging process and participate in social functioning and personal relationship with others in the community with the help of Social Worker and other staff and volunteers.

     The clients upon application undergo the following process:

  •           1. Intake - worker takes down application personal data in the intake form.
  •           2. Assessment/ diagnosis – the case is assessed to find what is the need and if it could be helped
                   within the institution.
  •           3. Refer cases if found to be needed other services. If applicant meets the requirements of the                institution he/she is oriented to the rules and regulation of the institution by the staff.
  •                                                                                                             4. During his/her stay he/she avails of the individual counseling and other group activities.



              Casefinding is the process of disseminating the programs and services of the Home to the public. It aimed to locate all older persons in the community needing rehabilitation services. This involves direct participation of the barangay, existing agencies, community and mass media.


    •           • Coordinate with the office of media Affairs
    •           • Coordinate with the barangay leader and community thru DSWD City and Regional Office for program interpretation.
    •           • Coordinate with DSWD City and Regional Office for wider dissemination of information.


    •           a. Department of Social Welfare and Development, City, Regional office and province.
    •           b. Applicants present themselves either in person or thru letter.
    •           c. Other agencies (Hospitals and NGOs Welfare Agencies)
    •           d. Individuals


    •           - Letter of referrals shall be forwarded to the Social Service Office. The social Worker of the Home for the Older Persons will interview the referring                     person regarding the prospective client.
    •           - Applicants presenting themselves as clients undergo a personal interview with the Social Worker to determine whether he/she is eligible for                     admission to the Home.
    •           - Admitted older person is being presented to the Unit Head/ Staff of the Home for proper orientation of the rules and regulations of the Home.


    •           a. INTAKE STUDY – gathering personal data of the older person.
    •           b. HOMEVISIT – the Social Worker conducts homevisit to determine the condition/ situation of the client.
    •           c. ASSESSMENT and DIAGNOSIS – workers looks into clients needs in relation to the data gathered and the observation made on clients                     weaknesses and strength so that a program of treatment could be planned.
    •           d. TREATMENT PLAN and IMPLEMENTATION – worker and clients sets a plan that would meet the need and problems of the client and also                     implement the plan of action for the solution of the problem. Worker sees to it that the client does the prescribe solution.
    •           e. EVALUATION – worker and clients assess the outcome of the plans whether it meet and answer the needs of client.
    •           f. TERMINATION - the staff sees to it that the client having availed.

              - a meaningful life, happy and useful life is now recommended for termination. This gives a feeling of satisfaction to both client and staff. This may be in
    the form of older person discharge with his/her family and a happy and peaceful death. To be able to see the development of the residents, the Social
    Worker maintains an individual recording of each resident. Here are reflected the services done by the different staff of the Home.


              The cluster homes establish a climate of family atmosphere for life giving relationships. Attention is given to basic needs and other supportive care services toward building a human and Christian community.

                Each older person is provided with the following upon their admission:
    •                1. Clothing and other things for his/her personal needs.
    •                2. Sets of sleeping clothes, 2 sets daytime clothes, 4 pieces underwear, 1 pair of slippers, 1 pair of shoes, 4 pieces underwear henceforth,annually,
                           they are given 2 sets daytime clothes, 1 set Sunday attire, 1 set for special occasion, 2 sets casual attire, 1 pair of slippers.
      •                3. Toiletries:
      •                          2 face towels and 1 bath towel
      •                          1 tube toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo
      •                          1 blanket and mosquito net as needed

    Health and Nutrition / Medical & Dental Services

              Health services are under the technical direction of the Sister-in- Charge who is a Nurse, in coordination with a volunteer physician. Arrangement for health services is made with the various medical, dental, and nursing services in the community including public hospitals. The dietary needs are under the care of another Sister who supervises the preparation of food.

                Medical/ Dental Services consist of the following:
    •                a) Annual medical and dental check- up
    •                b) Laboratory examination as prescribed
    •                c) Maintenance medicines administered according to the prescription of the doctor.
    •                d) Psychological evaluation conducted as needed
    •                e) Hospitalization in a government hospital as per advice of the doctor.

    Socio-Recreational / Physical & Occupational Therapy

    Recreational/ Cultural Activities

              Adequate opportunities are provided for older persons to socialize and recreate where in they are encouraged to take active participation.
    Recreational facilities like television set, radio, play-cards and other games are also provided.

              Sports and musical activities are coordinated with other agencies to give them the opportunity to interact with others outside the confines of
    ASILO DE MOLO. They are encouraged to join in the organizations of Senior Citizens.

              They also take an active part during celebration of special feasts at ASILO DE MOLO.

    Physical / Occupational Therapy

              By means of therapeutic activities the older persons are given opportunities to learn skills, regain self-respect and economic usefulness. Asilo de Molo
    has its Rehabilitation Center as prescribed by the physio-therapist.

              The supervised physical and occupational activities of older persons are facilitated by the Sister-in-Charge and Program Social Worker. These
    activities are linked with the student-affiliates who provide the needed materials for the older persons.

                For physical therapy they have the following activities:
    •                • Physical Fitness Exercise daily before breakfast
    •                • Ballroom dancing
    •                • Brisk walking around Asilo compound
    •                • Gardening (herbal/ organic gardening)

      For occupational therapy they have the following activities:

    •           • Pillow making
    •           • Scrap cloth – threading
    •           • Massaging
    •           • Flower making
    •           • Cooking

    Pastoral Care/ Spiritual Enhancement

              Opportunities for Bible and Faith sharing experiences have raised to a higher level their understanding of the basic truths of the Catholic faith as they
    live their life in Asilo de Molo.

              They encounter Christ in the sacraments of Holy Eucharist, reconciliation and anointing of the sick which are made available to them. Values
    formation activities enhance their encounter with one another as one big Vincentian family.

                The following are their religious and spiritual activities:
    •                • Daily Mass
    •                • Monthly reception of the Sacrament of Reconciliation
    •                • Weekly Basic Ecclesial Communities session
    •                • Advent and Lenten Recollection
    •                • Monthly Adoration with personnel/ sisters on 1st Friday
    •                • Dawn Rosary on 1st Saturday

    Psycho-Social Intervention

              This includes counseling and other professional-interventive services which promote and enhance the coping capabilities and potentials of the older persons. There is a team composed of various unit heads who coordinate with one another and work, together on the healing, recovery and social
    re-integration of the older persons.