Non- Residential Care Program for older Persons

     This provides life-giving support to older persons living with their families and relatives in the community through the following services:

  • 1. Health and Nutrition Services
    •                Monthly food provision
    •                Medicines provision with doctor’s prescription
    •                Medical check-up and treatment when necessary
    •                Health education in coordination with the Nursing affiliates

  • 2. Assistance for House Repair

  • 3. Economic Support/ Livelihood Management
    •                Training on Livelihood Management
    •                Capital loan assistance (Interest-free)

  • 4. Mortuary/ burial assistance to the families of older people

  • 5. Access to Support Systems for older persons/ Linkages with the Federation of Senior Citizens through:
    •                Capacity- building and socio-cultural activities and civic education.
    •                Advocacy for the full implementation of the Expanded Law for Senior Citizens
    •                Membership in Asilo’s Cooperative

  • 6. Spiritual Activities
    •                Community participation in the threefold function of the Basic Ecclesial Community (BEC) namely: worship, evangelization and service.
    •                Participation in BEC- Bible Service in the adopted puroks
    •                Advent/ Lenten Recollections